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Old Barns - A Sense Of Wonder

Old barns stir a sense of historic wonder and enlightenment in us all. The once-useful structures have unique architectural charm. However, as development and urban sprawl spread across our county, many of these wonderful structures are being lost to dilapidation, improper maintenance, fire or vandalism.

Over the years, there have been fewer attempts to save them due to modern farming methods and the expense involved in maintaining these family heirlooms. Many preservation societies try to save historic landmark barns. Through our photography, and in cooperation with The McHenry County Historical Barn Preservation Association, we are trying to find ways to save rare and unique barns for future generations.

Barns are a unique part of America and evoke a sense of tradition and closeness to the land. Simply being in the rural countryside raises feelings of connection to nature and a strong community spirit. Reflecting on old barns help us to link our present with the past and enable us to reflect on our changing attitudes to land stewardship.

Some farm owners refurbish their working farms and homes if they have the resources to do so. Historic barns can be revamped for new farming methods. And, some preservation techniques can be more cost-effective than tearing down an old barn and putting up a new building.

Others let the buildings dilapidate or sell out to developers. It would be most unfortunate to let these agricultural icons become a distant memory of our heritage. Through our photographs we hope to memorialize the magnificent, historical structures. Through the sales of our barns prints, post cards, greeting cards and poster we hope our financial donations will help to preserve the remaining barns that continue to grace our landscape.

A percentage of all sales of our barn-related photography will be donated to barn preservation.

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