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Capture Your Property with Stunning
Autumn Aerial Photography

In your area between October 1st -November 15th

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Aerial imagery supports a wide variety of needs:

• Building Structures • Aerial Surveys • Topographical surveys • Engineering Plans • Construction • City Planning • Architecture • Highways • Industrial • Residential Planning • Estate Development • Farms • Agriculture • Farmlands • Commercial Development • City and Regional Planning • Federal and State Planning • Construction Progress • Insurance • Environmental Impact • Accident Investigation • Boundary Disputes • Property Development • Site Selection Analysis • Land Use Surveys • Nature/Landscape Documentation •
Home and Office Decoration • Damage Assessment after Natural Disaster

Aerial photography benefits businesses and individuals:

• City Planners • Engineers • Legal Agencies • Construction Firms • Architects • Geographers • Geologists • Historians • Homeowners • Utilities • Transportation Entities • Coal and Mineral Industries • Municipalities • Federal, State, County • Insurance Companies • Giftgivers 

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Update your aerial video and photographic images of your business, residence or land. Refresh your website and marketing materials with new aerial images. 


Stock Images & High-Definition Video Available 

An aerial video of your facility would be a strong marketing tool on your website or for client presentations.
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Deliverables include but are not be limited to:
•  High Definition  •  Electronic files- FTP, DVD
• Professionally edited: Photoshop/ Retouching
• Prints: Sizes ranging from 8x10 to 30x40

• Wallpaper application available
• Mounted, laminated and/or framed 

View samples or purchase stock images of our aerial work:


Robin F. Pendergrast Photography, Inc.

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